Other Solutions

Navigator has a wide range of capabilities in addition to our aviation, training, and technology core competencies.

We have successfully supported effective solutions in: Programmatic Support, Logistics Support (including integrated lifecycle management), Systems Engineering, and Capability Development including, operational architecture development and Department of Defense Architecture Framework Version 2 within the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System.

Our experts perform studies and analyses by documenting Warfighter needs, gaps, and solutions in the form of capabilities-based assessments. Our depth of understanding and analytical experience extends to each of the critical elements of military capability: Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership, Personnel, Facilities and Policy analyses.

These additional capabilities are Navigator’s specialized areas of targeted growth and where we are rapidly building experience.

As a small business with large business experience, Navigator is extremely flexible and agile with the ability to immediately tailor diverse solutions to support customer requirements.

Simply stated, expanding our additional capabilities portfolio has truly augmented our reputation for providing a high-quality workforce, being extremely responsive, and exceeding customer expectations within our new growth areas.


  • Logistical Analyses
  • Logistics Footprint Reduction Studies
  • Logistical Data System Support
  • Facilities Management & Maintenance
  • Operations Analysis and Business Case Analysis Consulting
  • Base Operations Support
  • Field Service Representative Support
  • Sustainment Analyses and Trade Studies
  • Sustainment Battle Lab Support
  • Information Assurance Support
  • Force Protection Analyses
  • Technical Manual Material Development in an Integrated Development Environment


  • Logistics
    • Fort Rucker Base Operations
    • Army Materiel Command Worldwide Bottoms-Up-Reconciliation
    • AMC Logistics Information Warehouse ILAP II
    • Equipment 3D Modeling
    • Logistics Planning and Modeling Support
    • Logistics Quality Assurance
    • Technical Manual Material Development
  • Sustainment
    • Jordanian International Police Training Center Facility Support
    • Joint Unmanned Aircraft Systems Center of Excellence Facility Support
    • Combat Survivor/Evader Locator Radio System Field Service Representatives
    • Naval Air Systems Command Afghanistan Service Life Assessment Program
    • Technical Manual Updates
    • AMC Facility Support
    • Project Manager Cargo Facility Support
    • PM Air Traffic Control System Sustainment
    • Footprint Reduction TRADE Studies and Analysis
  • System & Operational Architecture Development
    • Fixed Wing Utility Aircraft
    • Military Flight Operations Quality Assurance DoDAF Products
    • Customs and Border Patrol Communications Architecture
  • Homeland Defense
    • Customs and Border Patrol Force Modeling
    • AMC Force Protection Analysts
    • Joint Data Analysis Team Information Assurance

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