Past Performance

Since 1997, Navigator has offered highly skilled and experienced teams of strategic planners, communication specialists, management subject matter experts and organizational developers. Our elite group focuses on strategic alignment, team building and shaping creative, tailored, and relevant customer solutions for business strategy development in defense and commercial markets. 

Navigator has a reputation of quality work, minimal transitional risks and no contract defaults. Some of our past performances include:

  • Aviation
    • Prime contractor for the Joint Unmanned Aircraft System (JUAS) Center of Excellence (COE) at Creech AFB in Nevada
    • Prime contractor for the U.S. Army Unmanned Aircraft Systems Center of Excellence (UAS CoE) at Fort Rucker
    • Boeing Phantom Works awarded Navigator a contract to develop a strategic communications plan to convey the advantages of the Boeing ATT super short take-off and landing aircraft concept to senior Service, Joint, and Department of Defense (DoD) officials 
    • Supported the Boeing contract to develop a strategic plan for the Airborne Tactical Laser (ATL) as outlined in the United States Special Operations Command (USSCOCOM) ATL Advanced Concept Technical Demonstration (ACTD) Management Plan
    • Prime contractor to provide program management, analytical and administrative support to the Future Integration Support Team (FIST) at Fort Rucker for Army Aviation Transformation efforts 
    • Worked as a subcontractor with Sawdey Solution Services, Inc. to provide Air Traffic Control and Landing System (ATCALS)/Air Traffic Management (ATM) services to U.S. Air Force Central Command (AFCENT) at Joint-Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia
    • Prime contractor to provide Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) assessment services to FCX Mining Industries in Indonesia
    • Provided aviation marketing and Concepts of Operations (CONOPS) support to Air Methods Corporation
    • Provided rotary wing CONOPS development for Sikorsky Helicopters
    • Worked as a subcontractor with Pacific Rim Defense to provide Counter Electric High Power Microwave System Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP) Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) analysis services to U.S. Marine Corps Forces Pacific (MARFORPAC) Experimentation Center (MEC) in Hawaii
    • Provided Repair/Rapid Airfield Damage Assessment System (RADAS) analysis services to MEC in Hawaii
    • Prime contractor on the Military Flight Operations Quality Assurance (MFOQA) program at Fort Rucker
  • Training
    • Contract to support Boeing/SAIC FCS Lead System Integrator (LSI) Scenario and Wargaming IPT to address future changes to the Army’s FCS program
    • Member of Team Boeing in Phase I of the Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS)
    • Part of the Boeing-SAIC teams to help move the Army's FCS program into the System Development and Demonstration (SDD) phase
    • Member of the ManTech Technical Services Group team to provide Combat Survivor Evader Locator (CSEL) field service representatives to deploy on-site in Iraq and Afghanistan
    • Prime contractor to provide role players for exercise training to Marine Corps Tactics and Operations groups at 29 Palms in California
    • Prime contractor to provide education system updates to the Warrant Officer Career College at Fort Rucker
    • Prime contractor to provide training strategy development for VA's National Center for Patient Safety at Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Technology
    • Part of the SAIC team to conduct base analysis and assessment of major Army initiatives supporting strategic organizational planning and development at the U.S. Army Aviation Center Air Maneuver Battle Lab (AMBL) at Fort Rucker
    • Contracted by URS to develop four integrated 3D flight training modules to augment in-classroom instruction on aerodynamics: "The Theory of Rotary Wing Flight," aviation weather, aviation instruments and airspace.
    • Worked as a subcontractor to Pacific Rim Defense to provide aviation technology analyses to MARFORPAC Experimentation Center in Hawaii
    • Part of the Wyle-CAS team to provide aviation interactive electronic technical manual authoring (IETMs) publications for PM Fixed Wing
    • Provided workforce training graphic design services for East Alabama Workforce Investment Network
    • Provided interactive 3D content development and installed a suite of Advanced Visualization Center Labs at the University of West Florida, Pensacola, Florida.
    • Provided media tools customer service to Tuskegee University
  • Other
    • Support to Task Force Modularity: Gulf of Guinea Nations Air Control Capability Roadmap 
    • Subcontractor to MPRI for base operations support at the Jordan International Police Training Center (JIPTC), US Department of State in Amman, Jordan
    • Member of SAIC's team to provide integrated supply specialists on the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) program in Iraq
    • Established Knowledge Management capability in TRADOC offices including data cataloging, lessons learned integration and forum facilitation
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